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We are 2create

a business that creates businesses.

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We create our own independent businesses which operate internationally under separate brands in various niches of the tech and design industry.

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We don’t aim for the big fame, rather we establish stable and truly reliable brands, each proven as a leading name in its own niche.


htmlBurger serves digital agencies and businesses with web development services, such as HTML/CSS coding, Vue & React development, WordPress, Shopify, and other CMS & eCommerce implementations.

  • 30K+


  • 6K+


  • 14 YRS



MailBakery is a service specialized in design and coding email marketing newsletter templates. We are working to make MailBakery the best possible custom email template producing service around.

  • 13K+


  • 4K+


  • 11 YRS



GraphicMama is an ever-growing and dependable source for high-quality vector graphic illustrations, build-up entirely in-house and with high attention to detail by our team of young creatives.

  • 90K+


  • 180K+


  • 5 YRS

    ON THE MARKET is the first complete project communication platform for digital agencies and freelancers that lets you do it all with your clients and team. It is the smarter, easier and more efficient way to handle client requests.

In-House Team

Started out as a small division of htmlBurger, the In-House Team is a tech group that adopts the working principles of the agile methodology and applies them in the whole working process.

Our Notion




Work process

Since our humble beginnings in 2005, our core focus has been sustainability through constant learning and steady processes improvement.

Instead of dreaming of overnight success, we work hard to deliver value to all stakeholders and solve business problems in the niches we are operating in.

Core Values

  • Courage

    Courage to admit when we're wrong and move on.

    It's not always easy having the guts to admit when you're wrong. We make mistakes, learn from them, and grow.

  • Focus

    Focus on the details without losing sight of the big picture.

    Every little goal achieved brings us closer to the ultimate vision we have. The ability to be in the moment and do what’s important keeps us going.

  • Commitment

    Real commitment that comes from within.

    We are fully devoted not to just get things done, but to put 100% effort and our full attention into every little detail in our work.

  • Respect

    Respect is fundamental to the mutual trust we build.

    For us, strong business relationships are built upon respect - to our partners, ourselves, and our work.

  • Fun

    It has to be fun, that's what it's all about! 😛

    Keeping it all going with humor and optimism helps us achieve a better working environment and smooth work processes.

About us

Starting off as a web design company back in 2005, nowadays we’ve changed our direction towards creating independent brands under 2create’s umbrella.

Work process

Our vision is to create an environment in which creative minds can unfold their potential. With the fast evolving world technologies, we strive to build agile and adaptable businesses which respond to the changing demands. The more we grow, the more we understand that success is not a constant.


Are you a constanly learning hard-worker?

We are looking for great talents, not years of experience. If you are open to learning new things and you do it fast, if you are willing to work hard and you do it with passion, send us your CV.

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